The Bible*
Land of Milk and Honey

The First Fruit taken by Michael Michaeliatis was the passion fruit. After the Big Bang we were in Paradise, Eden. Michael Michaeliatis was the first one, to taste the fruits of Eden. He had no doubt, while we were sinner. No one knew who the first one was, except me. Adam and Eve were hostiles. Adam was burned, the Ashes were gone with the wind, the wedding ring of Eve was taken away and she was lost insane alone in Paradise without Adam. No one knew, who we were. Afterwards we started to Conquer the Universe. 144.000 Archangel Raphael were the lance of our Army, each Raphael 21.000 Men in War. We do not talk nor feel in war, because we have one conscious. 555 Quadrillion Michael is our army…
(The Roman Bible)

* The Bible is Literature, a Noval

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